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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

Three Personal Attributes for Telemarketing Success

Mia Kuhn

If you are unemployed and searching for work, you may have come across an advertisement for telemarketing or call center jobs for an online marketing firm. Often these jobs require no experience; however, there are certain personal attributes you should have in order to achieve success in this field. The following are three of these characteristics.


Many entry level positions in telemarketing are given to people with the sole purpose of finding leads. You will be given a large database of phone numbers to call with the goal of finding someone interested in a product or service. Often, once a lead is found, it is turned over to someone with good skills in closing a deal. In these situations, you may be paid by the number of leads that you find, but the percentage of leads you find versus the number of phone calls you are making can be very small. You need to have the persistence to keep making call after call when each person answering is not interested, knowing that the next call you make may be a lead you are looking for. 

The ability to stay focused

The ability to concentrate while doing a job that can become monotonous is essential to success. There are different ways to maintain your focus while working at a call center. For some people, it comes naturally. They simply maintain a constant pace and the job becomes automatic. Others will use techniques to refocus if they catch themselves drifting away mentally from the task at hand. However you achieve your focus, you must have it every day you go to work. Many employers have productivity standards that are measured by the number of phone calls made as well as quotas for sales and sales leads that are generated.

A thick skin

You will receive plenty of phone calls answered in extremely rude ways, including yelling and vulgar language. You must never take any verbal abuse heard on the phone in a personal way. It is part of the job, so you ignore it and move on to the next call. If you are not comfortable with people being rude on the phone, you will need to learn not to let it bother you. It is a part of your success in telemarketing.

Finding a job in this field of work is not difficult, but finding success often can be difficult. If the above attributes describe aspects of your personality, or if you have the discipline to develop them, then you may find success in the field of telemarketing.