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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

Video Production Fails To Avoid In Online Marketing Ads

Mia Kuhn

You could create written content to get the name on the mind of potential clients online all day and this is somewhat effective, but if you really want to get a web traveler's attention, visual advertising is definitely the way to go. The average consumer who runs across your advertising online is in a hurry to get a quick fix of information and move on, with little interruption to their web-browsing time. This is why video marketing can be a very effective tool if it is used appropriately in online marketing. However, there are some huge mistakes that you could make during video production and implementation that could leave your ad in the dark. 

Expecting Extra Effort From Video Viewers

The first big point of potential failure in video marketing online is with how the video is presented on a page at all. You should not expect potential customers or clients to click a link to take them to your video; it should be laid out and appear ready to play right on the page. Even if this means that a false play button graphic is situated on a video image on the screen that opens a new page where the video loads automatically. You have to avoid the "two-click" play at all costs. "Two-click" basically means that a viewer has to click on a direct link and then click play when they eventually land on the video. This will leave you losing a lot of interest somewhere between one click and the next. 

The Long-Winded Introduction

When you do get someone to watch your ad, either by coercion, creative placement, or otherwise, you better make sure that you let them know who you are and what you have to offer within the first few seconds of your video. The first thing people want to know when they watch a video online if they do not know already is exactly who you are. So during video production, skip the long-winded intro and cut to the chase right away. 

Getting Lost in the Details 

If you do not get out what you need to say and do it quick, chances are, your Internet video viewers will quickly move on to something else. In fact, according to one poll, you only have about 15 seconds to make a point, as 54 percent of Americans say that this is the adequate time to spend on a video advertisement. You have to keep this in mind during video production and especially during editing when all unnecessary shots are cut from the feature. 

Video marketing is an easy way to get passing web surfers to hear what you have to say, but even as simple as a concept as this may seem, you do have to make sure the efforts are done right. Talk to a video production professional for more tips about what to avoid with video marketing.