Learning About Online Marketing Tactics
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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

Hello, I am Vanessa Elingway. I developed an interest in online marketing after creating my first website. My site was built from the ground up using a free program and dial up internet. The site featured far too many flashy banners and swirling text, but it taught me about controlling web traffic. Since then, I've closely followed online marketing campaigns from individuals and businesses. My site will explore the various elements that go into a great online campaign. I hope you will follow along with my site to learn about this important and fascinating industry. Thank you for visiting my site.


Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

Strategies To Convert Website Visitors Into Buyers

Mia Kuhn

Have you reviewed your website statistics and noted that you get a steady amount of visitors yet have low conversions? Perhaps you are concerned about whether or not there is something wrong with your site, products, or service offerings. Many people who use the Internet to make purchases may not do so the first time that they visit a site. This is why it is imperative to ensure that you give your visitors a reason to return.

Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

If you have a contact form on your website, it is important that you respond to questions sent to you in a timely manner. Some of your potential customers may be in a "buyer" state of mind, and delays in answering their inquiries may result in them buying from a competitor. Perhaps you do not have a contact form on your site. This is something that you should add as soon as possible even if you have a phone number on your site. Contact forms allow customers to ask questions 24/7. Think of contact forms on your website as lead generation opportunities.

Ensure your site's navigation is not complicated. 

Think of how you feel when you visit a website that has difficult navigation. Broken links, non-working search boxes, search boxes that produce the wrong results, and difficulty locating items or information are all examples of issues that some websites have. This can lead to frustrated first-time visitors never returning to these sites. 

Use sales techniques that can make buyers more comfortable.

Knowing your target market and what they need is one way to get repeat visitors that may eventually become buyers or repeat buyers. This means that if you operate a business that sells services, a soft sell approach can be used. For example, you could offer a free consultation or price quote. If you sell tangible products, you could have a sales or clearance area on the site. You may even want to consider offering free samples or a free gift with orders. 

Create relevant content.

Content is an excellent way to keep your website visitors coming back. You can use it to announce company news, contests, new products, sales, or industry specific information. Perhaps you sell items. Announcing a recall on a manufacturer's item is an ideal way to gain the trust of your shoppers. If you are involved in a service industry, making suggestions on upgrades, repairs, or services via content can keep potential customers interested.

A digital marketing agency is a good resource to use to determine which online marketing efforts could help you to convert customers and garner repeat site visitors. They can also determine what may be negatively impacting conversions. If you need to outsource services such as content creation, a digital marketing agency can assist.