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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

Hello, I am Vanessa Elingway. I developed an interest in online marketing after creating my first website. My site was built from the ground up using a free program and dial up internet. The site featured far too many flashy banners and swirling text, but it taught me about controlling web traffic. Since then, I've closely followed online marketing campaigns from individuals and businesses. My site will explore the various elements that go into a great online campaign. I hope you will follow along with my site to learn about this important and fascinating industry. Thank you for visiting my site.


Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

5 Reasons Your Business Needs To Do Content Marketing

Mia Kuhn

Over the years marketing has shifted, and as most of your customers are online, you need to engage in digital marketing. Content marketing, in particular, is essential for the following reasons. 

1. Increasing Organic Web Traffic

To put it in very simple terms, content marketing refers to filling your website with content. The content may include traditional web pages such as "about us" and "services" pages, but it should also include resource pages, blogs, and any other content you want added to your site. 

Then when prospective customers search keywords related to your business or industry, the search engines are more likely to find your page and put it in the search engine results. As a result, people are likely to navigate to your page, which increases your organic web traffic. 

2. Positioning You as a Thought Leader

When people see your content, they get a sense of how well you know your industry. Whether you're in plumbing, marketing, architectural design, or countless other industries, your content can position you as a thought leader. The content makes you look accomplished and knowledgeable, and on top of that, when someone gets used to going to your website for information, they become more likely to reach out to you when they need professional help. 

3. Creating Opportunities for Links on Other Sites

Content marketing doesn't just have to happen on your own business website. You can also use content marketing to share your information on other sites. In this vein, you may want to volunteer to be a guest blogger for another site or share other types of articles. When people read your articles, they see your name which helps to paint you as an expert in your field, and they may also follow the byline link to your website and become one of your newest clients. 

4. Making Opportunities for Other Types of Content

When you write content or hire someone to write content as part of your digital marketing objectives, you don't just have to use the content once. You can actually repurpose a lot of content. To explain, imagine you are a dentist and you write a blog on how to get kids to brush their teeth without a fight. You may also want to rewrite that content and turn it into a list of tips that you include in emails or newsletters that you send to existing patients with children. 

5. Fostering Connections With Existing Clients

Content marketing is also ideal for fostering connections with existing clients. As indicated above, you can send content directly to existing clients. You can also address their concerns in on your website, announce contest winners, or use your content in other ways that help you stay connected to existing clients. 

For more information about content marketing, contact a local digital marketing agency or other marketing resources.