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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

Why SEO Is Well-Suited For Law Firm Marketing

Mia Kuhn

Search engine optimization is a great way to attract attention to any type of business. However, there's an argument that SEO for lawyers is an especially good marketing option, even compared to other industries. Let's explore four reasons why SEO for law firms is often an even better choice than it might be for other businesses.

Available Content

Marketers need to deploy content on a variety of platforms to attract attention from both search engine bots and from folks looking for information. Lawyer SEO simply offers a lot more ways to produce content than you'll see in nearly any other industry.

Attorneys can produce blog and social media posts that cover a wide range of topics within their fields. For example, a criminal lawyer can do blog posts that address how to handle encounters with the police, what defendants' rights are, and how the trial process work. A tax attorney might create small reminder posts on social media for key filing dates. However diverse your field of law is, that's how diverse your content campaign can be.

Cheaper Than Advertising

Most digital ad platforms are expensive, and rates for the most highly contested legal keywords are much pricier than the averages in other businesses. A major advantage of SEO for law firms is that it is a relatively cost-effective option compared to other forms of online marketing. Likewise, your investment in a well-optimized site and good content is easy to maintain. You'll often pay less for a year's worth of online presence and SEO work than you will for a few leads from digital ad campaigns.

Building on Other Marketing Efforts

Quality SEO for lawyers also allows practices to expand upon their other marketing efforts. If you pay for TV ads, for example, you need to be aware that not everybody is going to type the address of your website directly into the browser. Many are going to visit search engines, and they're going to type the firm's name into the box. You want to make sure your firm ranks well for the most basic things, such as its name. Yes, many companies fail to dominate in SEO on such simple factors, so make sure not to be one of them.


Well-design SEO for law firms allows practices to target specific keywords. If you run an injury practice that specializes in product liability cases, for example, you can develop a site that will help you improve your rankings for searches in that category.

For more information about SEO for law firms, contact an online marketing company.