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Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

Hello, I am Vanessa Elingway. I developed an interest in online marketing after creating my first website. My site was built from the ground up using a free program and dial up internet. The site featured far too many flashy banners and swirling text, but it taught me about controlling web traffic. Since then, I've closely followed online marketing campaigns from individuals and businesses. My site will explore the various elements that go into a great online campaign. I hope you will follow along with my site to learn about this important and fascinating industry. Thank you for visiting my site.


Learning About Online Marketing Tactics

4 SEO Tips To Help Your Small Business Website

Mia Kuhn

As a small business, it can take some time to get some traction with your website. To gain traction with your website, you are going to need to engage in SEO practices. The right SEO practices can help your website rank for local keywords and help drive business in your direction.

Tip #1: Stick to a Low Keyword Density

When you are adding keywords to your website copy, you don't want to overdo it. Search engines are looking for content related to the keyword, not an overabundance of the keyword itself. That means you want the keyword to appear a limited number of times throughout your website. 

For example, if your keyword makes up 20% of the density of a webpage, that is more than likely going to be looked at as spam. If the keyword makes up 3% of the content, that will be looked at more favorably. 

Tip #2: Be Strategic About Keyword Placement

As you write, you are going to want to be strategic about how you use your keywords. You want your primary keyword to appear in the title of the article. You will want to use one to four natural-sounding keywords at the top of your written copy. Then, you are going to want to use keywords in the subtitles or lists for your article. You can spread the keyword out naturally over the remaining article. You want the keyword to be referenced throughout the article, but not overwhelming the article. Search engines know how to look for naturally occurring keywords.

Tip #3: Use Keyword in Other Places

You are going to want to use the keywords in other places on your website. You are going to want to use the keyword in the URL and in the navigation bar. You want your primary keywords to be ingrained into your website, not just into the content that you write. Strategically using the keyword throughout your website will help to increase the ranking of your site. 

Tip #4: Consistently Add New Content

Finally, it is essential to add new content to your website consistently. You are going to want to add new content to your website on a consistent schedule. You want to build a database of information that relates to your target keyword. Having new content that adds information to the keyword will help to establish your business as an authority on that topic.

If you want to stand out and rank for specific keywords as a small business, you need to strategically spread those keywords out over your content while not oversaturating anything. You also need to add consistent new content that builds upon the knowledge base. These are just a few steps you can take to increase the SEO of your website.